Willkommen. Welcome. Ciao. Bonjour. .... and come again.

I have made myself. I have made myself into what I am. I have changed myself. I have become another. I have become responsible for my own story. I am in part responsible for the stories of others. I am a story among others. I am of age. I am able to act. I am able to sign a contract. I am able to make my will. I am liable for penalties. I am liable for my place of residence. I am liable for tax. I am liable for employment. I am obliged to go to school. I am obliged to make payments. I am obliged to bear ID. I am obliged to bear the burden of proof. I am obliged to register. I am obliged to entertain. I am obliged to execute things. I am obliged to give testimony.

I have become someone.

(Excerpt from Selbstbezichtigung by Peter Handke. 

To find out more about how I turned out and what I am responsible for, have a browse and come again some time.