“We want to make films that our audience will recommend.”

It was under this motto that we founded bittersuess pictures GmbH. We are Andrea Roman, Uwe Spiller, Susa Kusche and myself. We develop and produce features by emerging and established writers and directors. Out first production, directed by Burhan Qurbani, a young graduate from the Ludwigburg Filmakademie, was promptly selected for the international competition at the 60th Berlinale in 2010. Our second production Run Boy, Run! will be directed by myself. This highly engaging screenplay reveals a truly unbelievable story; that of an eight-year-old runaway who survives alone in the woods for three whole years. The boy’s adventure is told solely from a child’s perspective. It is the interpretation of a horrendous experience through the naïve and yet wizened eyes of a child as he uncovers the world for what it is.

For more details and information go to: www.bittersuesspictures.de

Our postal address:

bittersuess pictures GmbH,
Anklammerstrasse 33
10119 Berlin
Tel.:+ 49 30 285 376 700
Fax.: + 49 30 285 376 733

To contact me directly send an email to: danquart@bittersuesspictures.de